Branding is about more than just having a logo. Sure, CG Communication & Design does logos. But it can also create a consistent voice and look across all of your materials.


CG Communication & Design can help your clients connect with your story and what you do, through brochures, 
catalogs, and compelling copy, for both Web and print mediums.


CG Communication & Design can transform your written content into beautiful, visual designs sure to catch the eye, from infographics to product catalogs to everything in between. 


Reports and whitepapers. Print and e-newsletters. Social media content. Manuals and handbooks. Logos. Marketing brochures. Posters and flyers. Infographics. Event programs. Products and services catalogs. Website design and development. Organizational rebranding. Print service brokerage. CG Communication & Design can take your content and make it shine, or create what you need from scratch. Projects big and small. One-time assistance or ongoing consulting from someone dedicated to getting to know your organization in order to best represent it. Exceptional customer service, every time.

What you need, when you need it, and how you need it. That's the promise CG Communication & Design makes.


Tell us what you need via our Contact page, and we'll work to make it happen!


Every job is different, and CG Communication & Design does not consider a job completed until the client is satisfied. That's why each job is priced on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the client's desired outcome, the project's level of complexity, and more.


Jobs may be priced on a flat-fee or per-hour basis. Additionally, CG Communication & Design can offer a clients retainer deals, whereby clients are entitled to a certain number of hours or a certain number of projects during a mutually pre-determined timeframe. 

Tell us what you need via our Contact page, and we'll get back to you shortly with a price quote or additional questions in order to provide you an accurate quote. 



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#1 Editorial Work

CG Communication & Design can tackle editorial projects of any length and complexity, including taking book projects from the manuscript phase to publication.

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